On the wrist: Baume et Mercier Capeland MV045216


   I've pretty much always worn a watch. As long as I can really remember, I remember a watch being in my life--whether it was a Lego watch or a cheap digital one. Several years ago, around the time I started flying I started to wear a watch full time and became more and more interested in the world of horology. Still being in middle/lower high school, I bought quite a few Seikos and lower end watches, but as time grew longer, my collection grew greater too. I started flipping some of my watches for profit, which led to bigger, better, and more purchases. As of now, I've owned over 100 watches and I buy more continuously.

   I've done more than just buying and selling watches though. Shortly after getting into watches, I took one apart. I knew right away that there was something truly amazing about watches that I'd always love. It doesn't matter if it's a $50 Seiko, or a $100,000 Patek Philippe, my mind is captured by the mechanics behind it. While I am young and I don't have a world of watchmaking history, I still have time to make that history I want. I'm always working on a watch, from changing a battery on a quartz piece to cleaning, oiling, and adjusting a mechanical one. If something tells time, I'm just happy to be working with it.


Random facts-----------

Favorite watch brand: Omega

Favorite watch (not currently owned): Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso 1931

Favorite movement: ETA/Unitas 6497/8